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AACR19 Poster - Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing At Scale

Alyssa MacBeth, Tera Bowers, Betty Woolf, Maegan Harden, Niall Lennon, Stacey Gabriel. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) offers the greatest potential to comprehensively and accurately identify all forms of human genetic variation. The accessibility of WGS data for diagnostic use has increased due to cost reductions in recent years, driving the need for a high quality, clinically validated offering. Our platform has completed an extensive benchmarking study of the Illumina PCR-free whole genome pipeline to establish clinical validity for the end-to-end laboratory, analytical, and computational processes. Our benchmarking study is comprehensive in nature, including measuring the precision, robustness, limits of detection for variant classes, and contamination estimates. A cohort of well-characterized reference controls and clinical samples with previously identified pathogenic variants were used to establish the performance characteristics of our clinical WGS test, which at 30X coverage has >99% analytical sensitivity for SNVs and >98% analytical sensitivity for small insertions and deletions. Our platform is capable of operating at a scale that supports applications from individual clinics (cancer and medical genetics related applications) as well as large scale ambitious collaborative projects such as the All Of Us program which aims to generate clinical grade whole genome variant calls for 1 million healthy research participants.
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