Customized Genomic Solutions

Our Custom Content Products provide a wide range of solutions, ranging from highly focused genotyping panels to whole genome arrays, targeted to the specific needs of your research application. We have the experience and expertise to develop your custom content into fully validated assay performed in our CLIA licensed, CAP accredited laboratory, ensuring your data can be used to drive clinical discovery. By combining customizable content with other product offerings, we provide the comprehensive resources to extend and validate discovered variants across higher sample numbers.

Custom Capture Panels Get a Quote

  • High-quality data across wide target and sample range
  • Flexible Coverage Depth 


Custom content panels provide a highly scalable solution for the discovery of novel variants across genomic target and sample numbers. Custom designed hybridization probes capture randomly fragmented complementary regions of the target genome, enabling identification and allelic quantification of variants. Using the same pipeline that has completed >100,000 exomes, this technology is highly scalable to broad target regions and can be applied to a wide range of sample sizes.

Custom Amplicon Panels Get a Quote

  • Cost-effective option for Smaller Designs
  • Low Input Material Required


Providing deep coverage of target regions for smaller designs, Custom Amplicon Panels provide a cost-effective platform for screening sample cohorts for the presence or absence of discovered variants. Using the TruSeq® Custom Amplicon technology, we leverage our expertise to help design specific amplicons to maximize evenness of coverage across specified genomic loci. Custom Amplicon Panels are typically used for low to medium sample and target size studies.

Fluidigm Access Array Get a Quote

  • Moderate Sample and Target Ranges
  • Flexible Formatting


Using a specialized microfluidic device to deliver precise volumes of sample, primer, and PCR reagents, the Fluidigm Access Array can simultaneously interrogate 48- 480 loci across a range of samples. The platform is applicable for working with low to moderate numbers of samples (48-192) with compatible numbers of amplicons per sample (48-480). Additional benefits include rapid turnaround for primer design when data deadlines are important.

Sequenom massARRAY Get a Quote

  • Mass Spec Based Genotyping
  • Access difficult genomic regions


Sequenom’s hME and iPLEX technologies allow the rapid design and deployment of pooled assays with up to 7 or 36 SNPs assayed, respectively. The massARRAY technology uses a bead-less and label-free primer-extension chemistry to generate allele-specific products with distinct masses that are distinguished using MALDI-TOF MS. Offering an alternative to fluorescence based detection, this technology has utility as an orthogonal validation of smaller numbers of variants across high sample numbers.

Exome Sequences Completed in 2015


Additional materials

Custom Content Product Data Sheet (636kb/pdf)

The Broad Institute Genomics Platform offers a range of customizable products that provide robust capabilities for the discovery, extension, and validation of genomic variants within and across sample cohorts.