Liquid Biopsy Sequencing

Combining the rapid turnaround time needed for clinical and diagnostic applications with the power of scale and sequence data delivery, our Liquid Biopsy capabilities open up new opportunities for cancer precision medicine research. From a single sample we can provide both ultra-low pass WGS data and both germline and somatic whole exome sequence data.

Extraction and Ultra-low pass WGS Get a Quote

  • 0.1x-0.3x Mean Coverage
  • 5-10ml blood, 4-6ml plasma, 2-20ng cfDNA
  • Fractionation of Germline and Somatic


Germline and Somatic cfWES Get a Quote

  • Germline: 60x MTC; Somatic: 150x MTC
  • Utilizes the same library material as WES


Exome Sequences Completed in 2015


Additional materials

Liquid Biopsy Datasheet (101kb/pdf)

Broad Genomic Service’s Liquid Biopsy sequencing combines the rapid turnaround time needed for clinical applications with considerable flexibility and scale ideal for research. From a single liquid biopsy sample, we provide ultra-low pass whole genome sequencing (ULPWGS) data combined with deeper coverage of your choosing.

AACR 2017 Poster on Development of Production Scale cfDNA Sequencing at Broad Genomics (1mb/pdf)

Poster from AACR 2017 on genomic profiling of cell free tumor DNA offers the potential to revolutionize cancer precision medicine.