Single Cell Sequencing

Single-cell RNA sequencing is a powerful technique to study gene expression, cellular heterogeneity, and delineation of cell states within cell cultures, tissues, and organ systems. We offer several different approches to single cell sequencing, ensuring that the right data meets the right needs.

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  • Generates between 1 and 4 million reads per sample

  • Input: Cell lysate in 5 ul Buffer TCL + 1%  BME or low concentration RNA, 1 ng/uL in 5uL buffer (water, TE, etc.)

  • Suitable for single cells, or cell populations


Based on the methods published by Trombetta et al., and used to generate data for the Human Cell Atlas, our process is ideal for applications such as; profiling gene expression in stem cell differentiation, organ development, tumor progression, and characterization of cell population responses to environmental signals and conditions. Unlike other single cell services, the SmartSeq2 process is fully compatible with frozen/archival sample types, and the sample preparation technique results in full-length transcript capture, as opposed to 3’ tags. 

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