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Rapid, low input library preparation using sequential tagmentation

Poster from AGBT 2016 conference on a novel method for library preparation from human gDNA using sequential tagmentation by two transposases.

Rapid quality control of Whole Genome Sequencing data on HiSeqX sequencing platform

Poster from AGBT 2016 conference on maximizing efficiency into the progression of each sample towards coverage and quality goals.

A cloud-based genotyping analysis pipeline

Poster from AGBT 2017 on the development of a highly scalable, cloud-based genotyping array data analysis pipeline.

Detection & depletion of bacterial contamination in saliva derived DNA samples to reduce costs and improve data utility for human whole genome sequencing

Poster from AGBT 2017 on the presence of non-human DNA contamination and how Broad Genomics Platform has developed way to deplete contaminating bacterial DNA prior to human whole genome sequencing.

Methods for detection of sample swaps, contaminants, and pedigrees

Poster from AGBT 2017 conference on new lab procedures and fingerprinting software developed by Broad Genomics Platform that can detect swaps and re-identify samples.