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Understanding low allele variant detection in heterogeneous samples, required read coverage and the utility of unique molecular indices (UMIs)

Poster from AGBT 2017 on deep coverage sequencing and highly sensitive methods needed for efficient screening and discovery of actionable alterations.

Optimizing delivered sequencing data with a theoretical sensitivity to heterozygous SNPs

Poster from ASHG 2016 on estimating theoretical het sensitivity.

RNASeq 2.0 at Broad Genomics

Poster from ASHG 2016 conference on the potential of RNA sequencing for broad reaching applications in clinical research and diagnostics.

Detection and depletion of bacteria contamination in saliva derived DNA samples for human whole genome sequencing

Poster from ASHG 2016 conference on the high levels of non-human contamination in saliva collection kits.

Scaling variant calling up to hundreds of thousands of samples with GATK

Poster from ASHG 2016 conference on scalable variant calling with GATK.