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Illumina© NovaSeq X Plus Series Sequencing Services
Novaseq X

Whole Genome Sequencing- as low as $350

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Access Illumina's most advanced sequencing technology today

Broad Institute will be the first to offer services using the NovaSeq X Plus series. 

The NovaSeq X Plus system offers Illumina's most advanced, powerful sequencing yet, providing scalability and ultra-high throughput using upgraded flow cell density and optics resolution. Discover improved genome coverage, greater %Q30 scores, reduced base-specific bias, and improved sensitivity for indels and SNPs. Reach out to us to learn more about the new and improved technology.

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Novaseq X Open
Novaseq X Flow Cell

Coming April 2023

Whole Genome Sequencing for as low as $350

WGS has never been faster or more affordable. The NovaSeq X series platforms have an output of up to 52 billion reads per run. Improved on-board sequencing chemistry and analytical technology yield:

+ higher throughput
+ greater accuracy
+ faster run time


As part of our commitment to providing unsurpassed excellence in sequencing, the Broad Institute now offers services utilizing the improved capabilities of the Illumina® NovaSeq X platform.

  • Improved genome coverage
  • Greater %Q30 scores
  • Reduced base specific bias
  • Improved sensitivity for indels and SNPs

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Walk-Up Sequencing

Looking for a quick and easy sequence data generation and delivery service for pre-constructed DNA libraries? We now offer the NovaSeq X Plus platform for our Walk-Up sequencing customers.

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