Custom Targeted Sequencing

Broad Genomic Services is able to draw on the vast knowledge of our research community to help provide customized genomic solutions. Whether you need assistance to design and develop your custom content into a fully validated assay performed in our CLIA licensed, CAP accredited laboratory, or you need the flexibility of custom sequencing runs, with non-standard parameters - read lengths, primers, or index sequences, we have you covered.

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  • Highly scalable solution for the discovery of novel variants across genomic target and sample numbers 
  • Unique Molecular Indexing (UMI) and duplex consensus calling allows for detection of rare novel variants

Custom content panels provide a highly scalable solution for the discovery of novel variants across genomic target and sample numbers. Custom designed hybridization probes capture randomly fragmented complementary regions of the target genome, enabling identification and allelic quantification of variants. Using the same pipeline that has completed >100,000 exomes, this technology is highly scalable to broad target regions and can be applied to a wide range of sample sizes. Our addition of duplex Unique Molecular Indexing (UMI) allows for cost effective sequencing to extreme depth (20,000 - 100,000x), with greater than 90% sensitivity for SNV’s at a 1% MAF.

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  • 25,000x Raw Coverage of Somatic, 10,000x Raw Coverage of Germline

  • Utilizes the same library material as ULP-WGS

  • Limit of Detection >3% Tumor Fraction


Our cfDNA PanCan panel goes far beyond the typical offerings found elsewhere. Covering 397 genes and other regions of interest, including probes for CNV, Ancestry SNPs, Critical promoters, and other regulating factors. We utilize unique molecular indexes (UMIs) and duplex-consensus calling allowing us to sequence to a depth of ≥ 25,000x coverage.

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