Liquid Biopsy Sequencing

Combining the rapid turnaround time needed for clinical and diagnostic applications with the power of scale and sequence data delivery, our Liquid Biopsy capabilities open up new opportunities for cancer precision medicine research. From a single sample we can provide both ultra-low pass WGS data and both germline and somatic whole exome sequence data.

Extraction and Ultra-low pass WGS Get a Quote
  • 0.1x-0.3x Mean Coverage

  • 5-10ml blood, 4-6ml plasma, 5-50ng cfDNA

  • Fractionation of Germline and Somatic


Using a state-of-the-art optics based automation platform, our fractionation and extraction process reliably prepares blood and plasma samples for liquid biopsy sequencing. We prepare a WGS library from the somatic sample which is then sequenced to ultra-low levels, allowing determination of the allele frequency (AF). We deliver this sequence data to you as part of the full liquid biopsy process. You can think of this as an incredibly data rich QC. Samples with under 10% AF are recommended for Gene Panel Sequencing. Samples over 10% AF are recommended for cfWES. 

Germline and Somatic cfWES Get a Quote
  • Germline: 60x MTC; Somatic: 150x MTC
  • Utilizes the same library material as ULP-WGS

Our cfWES uses the same somatic sample library as was used in the ULP-WGS QC, reducing input requirements, and conserving rare samples. We pair the somatic library with its germline counterpart derived in the extraction and fractionation process. Germline samples are typically sequenced to 60x MTC, and Somatic samples to 150x MTC. Data delivery of this product consists of BAMs.

PanCan Panel Get a Quote
  • 25,000x Raw Coverage of Somatic, 10,000x Raw Coverage of Germline

  • Utilizes the same library material as ULP-WGS

  • Limit of Detection >3% Tumor Fraction


Our cfDNA PanCan panel goes far beyond the typical offerings found elsewhere. Covering 397 genes and other regions of interest, including probes for CNV, Ancestry SNPs, Critical promoters, and other regulating factors. We utilize unique molecular indexes (UMIs) and duplex-consensus calling allowing us to sequence to a depth of ≥ 25,000x coverage.

Additional Materials

Broad Genomic Service’s Liquid Biopsy sequencing combines the rapid turnaround time needed for clinical applications with considerable flexibility and scale ideal for research. From a single liquid biopsy sample, we provide ultra-low pass whole genome sequencing (ULPWGS) data combined with deeper coverage of your choosing.